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Multi Level Spinal Support Back Stretcher

Multi Level Spinal Support Back Stretcher

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Relieve pain effectively & improve posture
This multi-level stretching device allows you to stretch out your back, and relieve back pain in less than 10 minutes. The device combines stretching and acupuncture therapy to improve blood flow through the spine, allowing nutrients to flow in, which eventually leads to pain relief. The back stretcher has 88 plastic needles that relieve back pressure by stimulating the back. And let the spinal return to the natural lines to help stabilize the spinal column and improve flexibility in the back & shoulder muscles.

Sedentary lifestyle, cross-legged, incorrect physical movement, or body fatigue may lead to spinal posture imbalance and pain. This stretcher is specially designed to restore the natural curvature of the back & relieve back pressure.

Adjustable design
This spine stretcher is designed to be adjustable in height, with a total of 3 levels, which can be used by most people. You can choose the most suitable and comfortable height to stretch your back and relieve stress. The higher the height you set, the stronger the stretching force you can get.

Durable material
The lumbar support is made of sturdy ABS and environmentally friendly NBR materials. The back stretcher device can bear up to 330LB, and the foam strip in the middle of the device can provide cushioning so that you can use it more comfortably.

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