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Wireless Smart Video Ear Wax Remover

Wireless Smart Video Ear Wax Remover

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Are Q-Tips Not Helping You Clean Your Ears?
Say goodbye to pushing earwax into your inner ear and making the problem even worse. Remove earwax safely while watching it in real time. 

Apple and Android Compatible
Widely compatible with Android & iOS smart phones and tablets for more convenient connection.

Wireless WiFi Live Feed
Built-in WiFi hotspot and six-axis directional gyroscope and 360° rotation can accurately and stably transmit a clear image and real-time video with rich details for practical observation of the ear canal.

LED Illumination
Six high brightness LED lights can provide auxiliary illumination to help improve the image clarity in dark or low-light condition.

3.9mm waterproof inner diameter and adjustable protective earplugs is smaller, more flexible and safer, making it more convenient to operate and avoiding accidentally hurting the fragile ear canal. The elegant heart-shaped design can avoid slipping your hands to hurt your ears by accident.

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